Stone chip on windscreen

We do the windscreen pebble repair while the customer is waiting, about 20-30 min. Car glass can usually be repaired to near-new condition. The repair will not cost much. Usually we are talking about tens with an average of approx. 50€. Stopping glass cracks up to 10 cm.

Windscreen repairs also without an appointment!

Bonded windscreens for up to 4 hours of driving!

You can book a replacement car for the duration of the glass replacement.
We work steadily and confidently with decades of experience. We guarantee all the products we sell and install. Our staff have the latest knowledge of the industry and the highest quality equipment and accessories for the well-being of your car.

Affordable car air conditioning maintenance

You should have your car’s air conditioning serviced at least every 2 years. Many motorists are not aware of the need for maintenance and are surprised when their car’s air conditioning does not cool the car as it used to. As the refrigerant in the air conditioner decreases, the cooling capacity fades.

We have state-of-the-art maintenance equipment and qualified staff to carry out maintenance. The price of air conditioning service depends on the amount of gas used.

Air conditioning maintenance 50€ + amount of gas used.


When your car’s air conditioning needs annual maintenance, ask us for a competitive quote.

Why should you deal with us for windscreen replacement or repair?


We are an insurance-approved specialist and use state-of-the-art equipment to carry out the work. No risk of rust damage or leaks.

Safe and reliable

We operate from a solid base and our mechanics are trained professionals who specialise in windscreen work.

Truly in Lahti

We have been serving the people of Lahti since 1986.
It’s easy to come to us and, if necessary, you can get a replacement car for a different fee.

Windscreen insurance

Easy for you. You only pay the excess.


We use the best quality Saint-Gobain and Pilkington glass in the industry. The quality of windscreens is an important safety issue.

Satisfied customers.

The bush radios and SoMe channels speak for us.


Raija Ruhanen

Just top service. On the way home, a pin from the previous car flew through the window 😡. I called immediately and 10 minutes later I was already in my car having my front window repaired. Really fast and friendly service. Super👍👍👍👍. I will definitely come back next time. Yes you exceeded customer expectations 🍀🍀

Jari Kalle Äikäs

Service like in the best hotel! I highly recommend the services of Lahti Autolasikeskus to everyone, the service is very friendly and professional. Rating full 10 👍

Jukka Hölttä

Very friendly and professional service. From now on, I know where to go for car matters. Thank you and have a nice summer 😊